All Digital Xbox One S in Europe. Does this mean cheaper games?


All Digital Xbox One S Leaked, Launching May 7 in Europe

The long-rumored all-digital Xbox One s has finally leaked online and it is set to real just next month a price of around $250. Over the last few months, we have heard some rumors flying around and they are true.
All-digital Xbox One console would have no disk drive to pop a physical copy of a game into. Apparently the 1TB consoles model which are much more accommodating for your library of games and their large install sizes than the regular 500GB models. Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA 19, Forza Horizon 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are all getting in on the Xbox One S console.
What’s the strategic move on this?
Well, first, this will provide considerable low cost and large margins for xBox. Take away the cost of manufacturing, the cost of shipping and the retail cost for every game and you end up with a huge chunk of profits. This is so brilliant that I don’t really know what took them so much to do it. Also this should serve the end user as well because it should lower the cost of games. 
They say it should cost around $199. I found plenty for less.
You can take a pick on Amazon for one. Click on the picture below:

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