Beez, a Romanian payment app with huge success, now in UK

Beez, only 10 month old platform that rewards shoppers with cashback and alternative financing options for online shoppers, has launched in the UK.

The Beez platform provides an alternative to the “buy now, pay later” model with no interest, no late fees and no commission. It has so far reached 77,000 users and intermediate sale totalling up to $2,8 million in less than a year.

Beez is trying to sell themselves as an education platform with a positive goal but their claim is quite far fetched. Their clients are not the users but the companies they host on the platform and the goal is to sell not to save.

They call it the ’emotional trap‘. “It often higher than the intellectual power to when it comes to decisions. This is the emotional trap of “I will start tomorrow”. It’s easier this way, but totally unhealthy on the long run. We know it, but because we do not want to give in to discomfort, we deceive ourselves and finally we sabotage our plans and goals.
This is the context in which the Beez application comes with the solution: “saves you from the expenses you make”. At first glance it seems to be a paradox. Basically, the principle of effectiveness applies, namely, if you have to make a purchase, be it a new phone or laptop, home appliances, fashion, or gardening, you can do it so as not to make saving frustrating. Do it smart, get a sweet deal.”

Beez creates healthy financial habits based on the principle “save more for tomorrow” and integrates a gamification experience that sustains these behaviours over time for outstanding results.
How to use: Download the Beez mobile app (or use the web platform on your computer) to create your account. Search for stores, products, or brands. The second you finalize a purchase, a commission is automatically distributed to your Beez account. The commission amount varies depending on the store and is set at a certain percentage (between 3.5-23%) or a fixed amount per transaction. The commissions earned through our application are aggregated with any promotions or discounts from partner stores. Thus, no matter what advantages you enjoy as a customer of a store, the commisions are added to them.

According to the company website, The saved amount can be withdrawn when it exceeds £50 or can be retained for subsequent investments in the form of « sweet deals ». The latter are a more advanced form of encouraging the habit of saving, given to users with certain performances. Thus, those who spread the news and help others enjoy the advantage of saving while shopping get access to heavily discounted (80%-90%) products and services, such as flagship smartphones, gadgets and trips.