Big Tech are actively limiting free speech and Congress is now reconsidering past regulation

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  • July 13, 2019
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Senator Ted Cruz (R) from Texas US: “Big tech companies … are actively silencing the conservatives. They are letting their hard left Silicon Valley politics influence what is said.”

In the past, Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.) chose to position and see themselves as media platforms not media channels and because of that US Congress agreed to allow a law in place that stipulates that “They can’t be sued for the content they put on their platforms. Other media can be sued for their content but you can’t do that for Facebook or Google.”

“The problem is that they are saying know that they are not going to be neutral and if they refuse to be neutral they should not benefit a special benefit based on a policy bargain they have broken, ” argues Cruz.

According to the Texas senator, the solution should not require the involvement of congress or implementing law regulations, they should adopt a common sense balanced approach on speech.

The Irish Post is writing about this and offers a confirmation of bias and actively silencing different opinions, from the man himself. “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that his company deliberately banned pro-life adverts from running on the social media site during the abortions referendum in Ireland last year.

Zuckerberg was speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival when he said that Facebook had sought to prevent American groups from influencing the Irish public during the 2018 vote.

“In Ireland in the last year there was a referendum on abortion,” he said.

“During that election leading up to that referendum, a bunch of pro-life American groups advertised … to try and influence public opinion there.”

Zuckerberg was speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival

“We went to the Irish and asked folks there: ‘Well how do you want us to handle this? You have no laws on the books that are relevant for whether we should be allowing this kind of speech in your election, and really, this doesn’t feel like the kind of thing a private company should be making a decision on.’

“And their response at the time was: ‘We don’t currently have a law, so you need to make whatever decision you want to make’. “We ended up not allowing the ads.”

Considering the power over free speech, Mr, Zuckerberg will soon be able to control and chose not to allow your Libra money if your views are different, in the context of introducing the new banking system.

Google was also accused by conservative voices to unilaterally decided to stop paying them the advertising commission.

Fox News report on this news: “In an abrupt reversal amid an ongoing online firestorm, YouTube announced Wednesday that it would block conservative commentator Steven Crowder from making any money on videos he uploaded to the site, following a torrent of outrage from left-wing groups. YouTube, a Google subsidiary, claimed Crowder had engaged in a “continued egregious actions that have harmed the broader community,” but acknowledged that Crowder’s videos “did not violate our Community Guidelines.” The company stopped short of banning Crowder and deleting his videos entirely, as many progressive groups and journalists demanded.”

Whatever your views are, one should not salute this excesses from the big tech and the limitation of free speech. As it should be the case, any conflict resolution should be seek in the court and not substitute the judges to the corporate censors.