7 imperatives for SME Marketing

7 imperatives for SME Marketing

Read the latest consulting book on SME marketing from BUJOREAN & CO. dedicated to entrepreneurs and marketing specialists.

“7 Imperatives for SME Marketing” reveals the 7 imperative marketing activities that are the foundation for a performant marketing department, reviews the most important concepts and theories regarding competitive strategy as a foundation for business growth, debates to what extent these concepts and theories are known and used by the SME managers and entrepreneurs, and finally, on a tactical level, identifies some current business development techniques and tools for SMEs. 


Chapter 1

  • Introduction
  • The objectives

Chapter 2

  • Thinking like big businesses. Literature review on Business Strategy
  • Literature review on Business Growth and Business Development

Chapter 3

  • About interviewing key persons and the first steps in a marketing dept.
  • Importance of deploying an extensive marketing audit
  • How to set up the Marketing Information System
  • Critical insights on drafting the Marketing Plan and the corresponding Budget
  • When to outsource? Identifying the competences within the department
  • Managing the corporate communication in the digital era
  • Ways to provide new business and growth

Chapter 4

  • References
  • Bibliography

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