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Marketing Imperatives for Service Firms. 3 basic mistakes when setting up the Marketing department

April 23, 2019

‘So, you are a marketing exec, then you must be like one of my colleagues constantly asking for expense budgets?’, Marianne asked me and smiled. She was actually not joking about it. Surely it was not the first time I’ve hear people constantly viewing marketing as an expense. ‘You are actually only partially right’, I […]

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You can predict if the interviewee gets the job by watching just the first 15 seconds of the interview

April 18, 2019

First impression (psychology) In psychology, a first impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person, according to Wikipedia. Specialists from different fields speak the impression of the first 30 seconds or 7 seconds.Tricia Prickett, a former psychology student, ran a series of interviews to test […]

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Failing to set up a marketing information system the marketing budget is prompt to be inefficient

Your marketing is prompt to be inefficient without a marketing information system. How to set it up?

April 12, 2019

Why you need Marketing Information System CRM to support the collection and the marketing funnel management HubSpot CRM for free. Interesting features One of the very first things that I want to know when taking the management of a new marketing department is how does the firm collects internal marketing information. This is important because […]

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Best digital business books for entrepreneurs. Deals Available Now

April 5, 2019

“Business Development Imperatives for Service Firms” reveals the imperative marketing activities that are the foundation for a performant marketing department, reviews the most important concepts and theories regarding competitive strategy as a foundation for business growth, debates to what extent these concepts and theories are known and used by the managers and entrepreneurs, and finally, […]

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New copyright rules for the internet approved by European Parliament

March 27, 2019

Internet platforms are liable for content that users upload Some uploaded material, such as memes or GIFs, now specifically excluded from directive Hyperlinks to news articles, accompanied by “individual words or very short extracts”, can be shared freely Journalists must get a share of any copyright-related revenue obtained by their news publisher Start-up platforms subject […]

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The image we project no longer depends solely on messages from the Marketing. Corporate identity in the digital era.

March 22, 2019

A communication professional knows well that a brand is nothing but a visual association with the name and symbol that people make in their minds, a promise. I do not think we need to list the thousands of advantages of using a visual identity. I believe each of us has at least one argument in […]

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Kenichi Ohmae on Competitive strategy: The point is to gain an advantage over the competition at a reasonable cost. Find out How…

March 14, 2019

We are continuing the series of literature review on competitive strategy and business growth. In this article we will review the perspective of Kenichi Ohmae. According to the Japanese strategist, Kenichi Ohmae, the first step in strategy is to identify the one issue that matters most —• the critical issue. In his book, The Mind […]

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Best 5 elementary advices on marketing for entrepreneurs. Differentiation is not a given….

February 24, 2019

Often, those who work with concepts and terms like ATL and BTL and talk about marketing mix and B2C or B2B are missing an essential thing, talking in simple words in order to be understood by their audience, and especially not assume elementary marketing is elementary to everyone. When it comes to business promotion and […]

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