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ESA seeks funding. Critics question some of the ideological pursues

December 2, 2019

European Space Agency seeks funding boost from member states was entitled the media release from European Space Agency (ESA). “The European Space Agency is asking its 22 member states for more money to be able to carry out ambitious new missions and keep up with growing competition from the private sector.” ESA is looking to […]

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How is European Tech? We reviewed a new Study

November 21, 2019

We recently reviewed for our readers the “The State of European Tech, The most comprehensive data-driven analysis of European technology” by The looked at the data and also interviewed over 12,000 founders across Europe. According to the study, 3 Countries (United Kingdom, Germany and France) surpassed $10B cumulative capital invested since 2015 and we […]

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UiPath Ranks No. 1 Fastest Growing Company in North America

November 7, 2019

AUTOMATED NEWS ALERT UiPath Ranks No. 1 Fastest Growing Company in North … UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, today announced it is the fastest growing technology company in North America according to Deloitte’s 2019 … Read the full article by following the link below: Go to Source Share the post […]

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ROMANIA 2020: Banks are raising deposits and the government is barely covering the budget deficit

June 15, 2019

We have put together an overview for one of the biggest markets of Eastern Europe, Romania. The Ministry of Finance had four issues of government securities just in 2019 according to national bank (BNR) National Bank (BNR) urges commercial banks to raise interest for deposits as they will allow less liquidity on the market – […]

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VIDEO: Jordan Peterson on Business Success

June 5, 2019

We are launching a new video in the series of videos dedicated to business called ‘DiBriefs’. Our lattest video is about Dr. Jordan B Peterson, a world wide famous Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, clinical psychologist, public speaker, and a creator of Self Authoring. Check out the other videos on our Youtube Channel. Do not […]

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Protected: How to Deploy a Strategy Review Process?

May 31, 2019

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Spectrum Brands Holdings at the completion of the sale transaction of the battery division to Energizer for $2 billion

January 8, 2019

According to a press release from Musat & Asociatii, Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. has successfully completed the sale of its battery and lighting equipment business to Energizer Holdings Inc., once all the necessary conditions and regulations have been fulfilled. The agreement was reported to be $2 billion. As imposed by such a large transaction, the […]

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Six steps for Networking in the Digital Era

October 21, 2018

  I believe that a good communicator is the sum of personality, talents, knowledge and, most important, of experience / abilities. The simple theoretical knowledge of “how do you do networking?” has an important role to play as a basis for reflex action, which later on will define a good professional. Something else that defines […]

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Digital Business Trends in Europe – September Index

Digital Business Trends in Europe – September Index

October 6, 2018

  The digital business trends index is providing an outlook on the digital business dynamics based on the news headlines generated by the automated news alert. September index shows a different dynamic comparing to the previous month. If August 2018 the main tech trends were Blockchain, Internet of Things, RPA and Artificial Intelligence tech. September introduces […]

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So what if Google records what you talk to next to your computer? I have nothing to hide

So what if Google records what you talk around your computer?

August 23, 2018

  Important privacy news that has been picked up by large publications such as reveals that the US giant Google not only records your Internet search activity but also talks to your computer with others as you search. ‘Spying’ actually have an explanation, they want to offer you better voice search services, but this […]

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Why a Communication Plan is needed and steps to write a communication plan

August 14, 2018

  Throughout this article, we will succinctly try to explain how you can understand why a Communication Plan is needed and what steps are considered best practice in order to write a communication plan. Hopefully, this article will provide some insights and the drive to help you start planning. Why is a communication plan needed? The communication […]

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Marketing for b2b is a distinct field in marketing. Some strategic considerations

August 4, 2018

  I think it’s important to mention, from the very beginning of this article, that marketing for b2b is a distinct field in marketing and involves a practical and theoretical specialization. I consider this distinction important for several reasons, some of which I will mention tangentially in the article, but the main one is the […]

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Consultant: Effective communication implies strategic thinking not just good content competences

July 27, 2018

  I was recently asked what’s the difference between marketing and communication and initially I found it quite difficult to answer because the question did not make sense to me. If we confuse the word communication with public relations (PR), then yes, we can define each one concepts. But certainly marketing and communication are intrinsic, […]

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