Is video really working in digital marketing?

March 16, 2020

Since the time of the company’s traditional video presentation, the main strengths of these video productions have been capturing attention, brand communication, and credibility of the organisation. There are other benefits, of course, but these three should be enough arguments to convince companies to invest in video communication. Years ago a quality video production had […]

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Strategic Retreat: Facebook to introduce digital tokens for real currencies like $USD and €EURO

March 9, 2020

In a report from, we find out that “Facebook will support both Libra and the new digital government currencies, with emphasis on the new tokens.  Facebook is backing away from Libra, the cryptocurrency it proposed last summer, for the time being.  Instead, the social media giant will develop several separate digital tokens, each pegged […]

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equity crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is transforming. Equity crowdfunding is here to stay

February 24, 2020

When startups look for additional funding, there are many options to be considered. However, financing is no simple task. The very first financing usually comes from discussions with friends and family, $50k. Discussions with the angel investors and with the banks, for the most advantageous personal loans, could prove to be difficult. Crowdfunding market seemed […]

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Business development in the digital era. Techniques & Tools

February 17, 2020

The main goal of marketing is to provide a future and growth for the business and one of the most important objectives is to generate leads and new business. I remember reading one study one day that was debating the way business development changed nowadays and felt that my long time believes and professional experience […]

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Zuckerberg to abandon the political correctness ad censorship but What’s really changing?

February 10, 2020

During a speech at the Georgetown University, some of the students asked questions about Facebook’s decision not to ban what some deem as questionable political ads on his social media platform. “I believe that when it’s not absolutely clear what to do, we should err on the side of greater expression,” Zuckerberg answered. “In a […]

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Digital wallets – what’s the business model?

February 3, 2020

Today we are bombarded by video ads, billboard ads and radio ads from bank, retailers or start-ups promoting their new digital wallet and payment apps and platforms. Successful companies like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayTM from India or the pioneer PayPal are now dominating the market but it appears there is a market at its […]

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Making money while traveling. How do they do it?

January 27, 2020

They are called digital nomads and you’ve probably seen them on Instagram all the time. They live colorful and interesting lives, meeting interesting people and experiencing new cultures while you are stuck in your 9 to 6 regular corporate job. As in most cases, ‘you can’t have it all in life’, at least not in […]

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The convenience of “paperless office” opens up businesses to a wide range of cyber risks. However, there are available solutions

January 20, 2020

Convenience drives probably most of the tech companies. Technology has enabled new levels of convenience at home, in the office, and nearly everywhere else.  The connected devices are simplifying our everyday tasks and are now easier to complete and the access to information is in real-time. Working on cloud, having a CRM connected to our […]

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Why successful entrepreneurs sell online courses?

January 17, 2020

Ever wonder how come successful entrepreneurs are spending most of their time giving speeches and organizing online courses? Why is that? Why not invest that time and effort into your already successful businesses? Some will reply that they want to help you become as successful as they are but that is not the case. Surely […]

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Digital Business Models, 6 recommendations to scale-up digital business

January 13, 2020

Nextcontinent released a study about disruption of the business models, in the digital age. For the first time, this study brings face to face 16 large European corporations (among them: Volkswagen-Audi, Mediamarkt, Deutsche Bank, EDF, Sanoma, Chiesi,…), and 20 students from several major European schools : what will be the business and the company of […]

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Podcast promotion

How a podcaster made nearly $20,000 in 3 months

January 1, 2020

AUTOMATED NEWS ALERT How a podcaster made nearly $20,000 in 3 months Darren Marlar, who hosts the paranormal podcast “Weird Darkness,” was podcasting on and off for 10 years before he generated significant ad revenue. He used a programmatic ads tool for podcast which is similar to google ads and this proved to be a […]

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

December 25, 2019

Let’s discuss some of the trends in digital marketing sector for 2020: On demand Streeming tv is the new king. Companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and others are investing  massively in content production and content diversification. Ads spent is increasing exponential in this sector. 5G will influence the new content and media platforms […]

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Online Passive income

Real and proven online Passive Income ideas that are not easy money schemes!

December 19, 2019

You have probably hear it often enough to make you believe that it takes money to make money and this is partially true, but some businesses require less money than others. For instance, online business are particularly known for a small initial investment of money but as it’s often the case a higher investment of […]

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Blockchain Is Revolutionising the Crowdfunding Landscape. What is ICO and IEO?

December 14, 2019

How Blockchain Is Revolutionising the Crowdfunding Landscape? Blockchain technology is gathering momentum, creating new and interesting opportunities for people around the world. Prior to the advent of Blockchain, this innovative fundraising concepts just starting to gain visibility.   In a previous article we were discussing the crowdfunding market that seemed to loose momentum and actually […]

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The AI tyranny is not artificial but human. China like credit score system in Europe

December 12, 2019

China’s social credit system, which rates its 1.4 billion citizens based on their daily behaviour, it is supposed to help the country restore morality and match people with the state. A system that will assess individuals, enterprises and government agencies on credit in four areas – administrative affairs, commercial activities, social behaviour, and the judicial […]

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Facebook introduces fact-checking tool – a grey screen warning and articles debunking the claims

December 6, 2019

Recently, in an effort to debunk the false articles that can manipulate the electoral process, Facebook introduced a new tool to warn people when they come across content that is deemed to be “illegal, false, or partly false” by its independent fact-checking partners. According to Rebecca Stimson, Head of UK Public Policy, Facebook “Helping protect […]

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Expert: ‘Quantum Computer makes cybersecurity obsolete’ (Video)

December 5, 2019

Technology is advancing faster than ever and with 5G and AI on the rise, high-tech expert Jeff Brown believes the present as we know it just changed and the immediate future (2030) will be a new world. “Brown is an early-stage tech investor and analyst who’s seen the modern technological revolution firsthand. He describes quantum […]

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ESA seeks funding. Critics question some of the ideological pursues

December 2, 2019

European Space Agency seeks funding boost from member states was entitled the media release from European Space Agency (ESA). “The European Space Agency is asking its 22 member states for more money to be able to carry out ambitious new missions and keep up with growing competition from the private sector.” ESA is looking to […]

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Zuckerberg mentioned ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the liberal media pushed back

November 26, 2019

“Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t understand free speech in the 21st century” says The Guardian “Facebook and the “Free Speech” Excuse” headlines The NewYorker “Mark Zuckerberg’s reckless idea of free speech” concludes The Week These were just some of the headlines after the Mark Zuckerberg’s freedom of expression speech delivered to an audience at Georgetown University. He […]

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How is European Tech? We reviewed a new Study

November 21, 2019

We recently reviewed for our readers the “The State of European Tech, The most comprehensive data-driven analysis of European technology” by The looked at the data and also interviewed over 12,000 founders across Europe. According to the study, 3 Countries (United Kingdom, Germany and France) surpassed $10B cumulative capital invested since 2015 and we […]

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