Blockchain Is Revolutionising the Crowdfunding Landscape. What is ICO and IEO?

December 14, 2019

How Blockchain Is Revolutionising the Crowdfunding Landscape? Blockchain technology is gathering momentum, creating new and interesting opportunities for people around the world. Prior to the advent of Blockchain, this innovative fundraising concepts just starting to gain visibility.   In a previous article we were discussing the crowdfunding market that seemed to loose momentum and actually […]

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The AI tyranny is not artificial but human. China like credit score system in Europe

December 12, 2019

China’s social credit system, which rates its 1.4 billion citizens based on their daily behaviour, it is supposed to help the country restore morality and match people with the state. A system that will assess individuals, enterprises and government agencies on credit in four areas – administrative affairs, commercial activities, social behaviour, and the judicial […]

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Facebook introduces fact-checking tool – a grey screen warning and articles debunking the claims

December 6, 2019

Recently, in an effort to debunk the false articles that can manipulate the electoral process, Facebook introduced a new tool to warn people when they come across content that is deemed to be “illegal, false, or partly false” by its independent fact-checking partners. According to Rebecca Stimson, Head of UK Public Policy, Facebook “Helping protect […]

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Expert: ‘Quantum Computer makes cybersecurity obsolete’ (Video)

December 5, 2019

Technology is advancing faster than ever and with 5G and AI on the rise, high-tech expert Jeff Brown believes the present as we know it just changed and the immediate future (2030) will be a new world. “Brown is an early-stage tech investor and analyst who’s seen the modern technological revolution firsthand. He describes quantum […]

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ESA seeks funding. Critics question some of the ideological pursues

December 2, 2019

European Space Agency seeks funding boost from member states was entitled the media release from European Space Agency (ESA). “The European Space Agency is asking its 22 member states for more money to be able to carry out ambitious new missions and keep up with growing competition from the private sector.” ESA is looking to […]

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Zuckerberg mentioned ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the liberal media pushed back

November 26, 2019

“Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t understand free speech in the 21st century” says The Guardian “Facebook and the “Free Speech” Excuse” headlines The NewYorker “Mark Zuckerberg’s reckless idea of free speech” concludes The Week These were just some of the headlines after the Mark Zuckerberg’s freedom of expression speech delivered to an audience at Georgetown University. He […]

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How is European Tech? We reviewed a new Study

November 21, 2019

We recently reviewed for our readers the “The State of European Tech, The most comprehensive data-driven analysis of European technology” by stateofeuropeantech.com. The looked at the data and also interviewed over 12,000 founders across Europe. According to the study, 3 Countries (United Kingdom, Germany and France) surpassed $10B cumulative capital invested since 2015 and we […]

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3 Reasons not to share viral messages on WattsApp

November 18, 2019

You all received viral messages from people you know and sometimes you were tempted to hit the share button yourself. Why not? I mean, if WattsApp is going to introduced the pay-to-play app and the only way you can stop them is to share to your contacts with the provided link, of course you will […]

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Bad News for Influencers. New regulations and expected fines

November 11, 2019

As any other people, Influencers too have an obligation to stay on the right side of the law. „If you endorse a product or service through social media, your message should make it obvious when you have a relationship – a “material connection” – with the brand. That could be a personal, family, or employment […]

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Beez, a Romanian payment app with huge success, now in UK

November 9, 2019

Beez, only 10 month old platform that rewards shoppers with cashback and alternative financing options for online shoppers, has launched in the UK. The Beez platform provides an alternative to the “buy now, pay later” model with no interest, no late fees and no commission. It has so far reached 77,000 users and intermediate sale […]

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Beware of some apps! People ending up on black lists

November 4, 2019

Smoking and depression apps are selling your data to third parties according to The Washington Post and a study published Friday in the journal JAMA Network Open “The pitch: Health apps for users who are battling depression or want to quit smoking. The problem: Many of the apps designed to track a user’s progress are sharing […]

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Why big influencers lose to micro-influencers? Is it marketing worthy?

November 1, 2019

Influencer marketing is not news anymore for most marketeers. According to a recent study comprised of marketers from a variety of industries, 94% of the marketing specialists interviewed said influencer marketing was an effective campaign strategy and a lot of them already had successful influencer marketing campaigns to prove their point. The problem with influencer […]

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Facebook’s Calibra Digital Wallet it’s a Bank, and this seriously shakes the financial world

October 28, 2019

by Daniel A. Bujorean You all heard the news, Facebook is going into cryptocurrency, or more exactly the digital wallet. Well, this is not actually the case. Facebook is looking to do something else at a level that seriously shakes the financial world. Announcing its Libra crypto and Calibra digital wallet, Facebook clearly stated that […]

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Matching Markets

Why ‘Matching Markets’ is a trend in the tech world?

October 26, 2019

Imagine that tomorrow I show up at the board meeting of a large company and tell them that I have decided to fill the vacant position of Executive Director because I am willing to accept the lowest salary out of all the candidates. I would certainly provide a good laugh in the room and I […]

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Best free online Photoshop based on Cloud computing

October 21, 2019

Cloud computing technology offers new unbelievable applications. One particular app is the free online Photoshop based on this technology provided by www.freephototool.com This is a 100% online available photo editing software that is packed and loaded with photo editing features including many basic features of Photoshop. “Photoshop 2018 price starts from $119 and this photo […]

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‘The Gambleneur’ is our top CEO recommendation for this month

October 18, 2019

If you believe a distinguished marketing practitioner with a vast working experience in sectors such as: cryptocurrency, financial services, management consulting, legal consulting, real estate, automotive, construction and nonprofit may have some insightful ideas and recommendation for you, this should definitely find a place on your kindle. The language is clear-cut and lacking pretentious sophistication. […]

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Macron introduced the long time announced tech tax

October 12, 2019

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, introduced the long time announced tech tax. Third-party sellers on the Amazon platform in France received a surprising message from the US giant, namely the increase of commissions charged by 3% – representing the costs of the digital tax imposed by the French government, according to CNBC. His tax on tech […]

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Major e-comm website fined for misleading advertising on Google Search

October 9, 2019

Major e-comm platform in Romania, e-Mag, has been fined by Romanian Tax Agency (ANAF) for misleading advertising on Google Search, according to Capital.ro The company has allegedly advertised on Google Ads using the name of a competitor, this way misleading the customer in thinking they are clicking on a different platform and using the competitor’s […]

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Oracle makes 2,000 Hires in attempt to catch up with the Cloud Incumbents. Market and Tech Applications

October 8, 2019

Oracle to Make 2,000 Hires in Cloud Push according to WSJ.com Oracle Corp. ORCL -0.62% said it plans to hire roughly 2,000 employees globally as it ramps up its cloud computing offerings as it’s trying to catch up Amazon and Microsoft.   Cloud Computing Market is expected to worth $623.3 billion by 2023‎ and according […]

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Why Libra will never launch? Partners reconsidering the involvement

October 2, 2019

Visa Inc., Mastercard Inc. and other financial partners that signed on to help build and maintain the Libra payments network are reconsidering their involvement following a backlash from U.S. and European government officials, according to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal. Analyst considers that the Libra product will never be allowed to launch “To me […]

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