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Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters ‘on a Massive Scale’

July 18, 2019

Following the US Senate hearings over big tech silencing the conservative voices and the limitation of freedom of speech, we are sharing the latest transcripts with Dr. Epstein, a liberal scientist, expert in the technology algorithms and search bias. The Minute: you’re not a republican and or are you 0.0 – 4.13 who conservative is […]

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ROMANIA 2020: Banks are raising deposits and the government is barely covering the budget deficit

June 15, 2019

We have put together an overview for one of the biggest markets of Eastern Europe, Romania. The Ministry of Finance had four issues of government securities just in 2019 according to national bank (BNR) National Bank (BNR) urges commercial banks to raise interest for deposits as they will allow less liquidity on the market – […]

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VIDEO: Passive income. ‘How I Make Over $7k a Month?’ Some business ideas

June 13, 2019

Watch the new video release of the series #DiBriefs with Nate O’Brien, as he lists the most common passive income revenues and his personal experience with vlogging, affiliate marketing and others…. Check out the other videos on our Youtube Channel. Do not forget to subscribe.

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Protected: How to Deploy a Strategy Review Process?

May 31, 2019

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Digital Content Creation Market Opportunities. AI and cloud is contributing to growth

May 23, 2019

Digital Content Creation Market in huge demand due to benefits such as low-cost operation, specific targeting, lower data storage costs, etc.   Companies like DiGITAL BUSINESS JOURNAL, BBC or NYT are reaching beyond the endemic audience of the website in order to better target the audience for specific content. The norm is using social media […]

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Macron about his startup-friendly policies in the advent of new EU fiscal policies

May 20, 2019

AUTOMATED NEWS ALERT Macron defends his startup-friendly policies  For the third year as president, France’s president Emmanuel Macron talked to the French tech ecosystem at VivaTech in Paris.    His tax on tech giant is 3% of any French revenues while the tech start-ups are going to receive friendlier tax policies. These moves might come […]

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Wirecard collaborates with Orange Money to launch digital payment and banking service in Eastern Europe

May 8, 2019

AUTOMATED NEWS ALERT Wirecard collaborates with Orange Money to launch digital payment and banking service in Eastern Europe Wirecard, the global innovation leader for digital financial technology, is expanding its collaboration with Orange in the field of digital payment and banking. Together with Orange Money in Romania, they are introducing a Peer 2 Peer solution […]

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The rise of Central Europe. The digital economy will bring over 200 billions to CEE countries by 2025

April 20, 2019

AUTOMATED NEWS ALERT The rise of Central Europe’s digital challengers April 19, 2019. Voices Zelensky: Anatomy of a success.    In this article Zelensky argues that the CEE countries are to develop quite exponential due to the digital expertise. Countries like Romania, Estonia, Poland and others have different digital expertise that will definitely bring tremendous […]

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Study: Digital Banking Market Is Expected to triple by 2025

April 20, 2019

AUTOMATED NEWS ALERT Digital Banking Market Is Expected to Reach 16200 Million. “Digital banking involves high levels of process automation and web-based services and may include APIs enabling cross-institutional service composition to deliver banking products and provide transactions.” – North America market took up about 48.73% the global market in 2017, while Europe and […]

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All Digital Xbox One S in Europe. Does this mean cheaper games?

April 15, 2019

AUTOMATED NEWS ALERT All Digital Xbox One S Leaked, Launching May 7 in Europe The long-rumored all-digital Xbox One s has finally leaked online and it is set to real just next month a price of around $250. Over the last few months, we have heard some rumors flying around and they are true.   […]

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