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Gambleneur – When Marketing Investment is Inefficient and Ineffective

July 9, 2019

NEW AMAZON BUSINESS BOOKS LAUNCH Read the latest consulting book on SME marketing from Bujorean & Co. dedicated to entrepreneurs and marketing specialists. “Gambleneur – When Marketing Investment is Inefficient and Ineffective” reveals the premises that defines a ‘gambleneur’ and imperative marketing activities that are the foundation for a performant marketing department. Furthermore, it reviews […]

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Romanian Legal Consulting Company assisting American IT Multinational

May 10, 2019

The legal consulting services  are provided for the Romanian branch of a global US technology company. The company is operating in e-commerce sector and provides a platform that enables unique products to be sold by us and third parties worldwide. The Legal service offering is provided by the BUJOREAN & CO. Law Office registered in the Bar […]

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66% of managers consider the internet the most important source of procurement

November 22, 2018

The idea that digital marketing or inbound marketing is not suitable for b2b business (a company that sells to companies) is not a new idea, but rather an old myth, assimilated both by old and new generations. Not many times we have heard in discussions with our clients: “we sell cash machines to companies, we […]

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The struggle to capture the attention on social media and the Content Marketing Outsourcing Dilemma

November 8, 2018

  There are hundreds of studies that talk about the most appropriate moment of time for Facebook posts, or about the frequency, content, and type of posts that receive the most appreciation. In connection with the type of posts, such as photos, videos, links, or plain text, views converge to visual content, including the official […]

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Is there anyone out there who is going to opt for a new supplier and fail to check him out online?

October 8, 2018

You probably read this article on your mobile phone and you are not the only one, there is an increase in mobile phone users for online search. We do not have the time or most probably the user behavior has changed. We prefer to search directly on the smartphone regarding a company or service while […]

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Why a Communication Plan is needed and steps to write a communication plan

August 14, 2018

  Throughout this article, we will succinctly try to explain how you can understand why a Communication Plan is needed and what steps are considered best practice in order to write a communication plan. Hopefully, this article will provide some insights and the drive to help you start planning. Why is a communication plan needed? The communication […]

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Marketing is either an expense or an investment in the future of the company, one of the two!

August 3, 2018

“You’re a marketing and branding person, what do you think, is marketing an expense or an investment?” This is a pertinent question if you are a SME manager or owner. Usually, this kind of questions come as a result of a myopic management. Let me explain. If you are a very good accountant, you will […]

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360 Technology. We believe this technology is still underused and might support some interesting new business venture

July 24, 2018

360 videos have so far been almost prohibitive for small businesses. Like many other things in the field of ITC, prices have fallen cause by the effect of economy of scale and therefore, on the hight tech camera market have appeared some affordable solutions. But what are the possible business applications that will convince people […]

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Marketing strategy. Why for the good’s sake is it mistaken for tactics?

July 22, 2018

Strategy, strategic and the entire family of words of this term are over used and misunderstood. It’s undoubtedly more interesting to ‘make strategies’ than execution and definitely looks great on your business cards. But strategy is not the same thing as method and tactics. We find that this confusion is quite common. The strategy is […]

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LinkedIn new feature scanner will give QR codes new life. Some say will make biz cards obsolete

July 18, 2018

Using the old QR code technology, LinkedIn is introducing a user-friendly feature to support the business professional during networking. How it works? Basically, on top right, just next to the search bar you can see some small squares. Click on those and you will easily figure out all you need to do. Scan the QR codes […]

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