Video Marketing

Is video really working in digital marketing?

March 16, 2020

Since the time of the company’s traditional video presentation, the main strengths of these video productions have been capturing attention, brand communication, and credibility of the organisation. There are other benefits, of course, but these three should be enough arguments to convince companies to invest in video communication. Years ago a quality video production had […]

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VIDEO: 7 Tips to start an Online Business from a tech founder in Silicon Valley

June 17, 2019

Video – Online Business Ideas from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. We are launching a new video in the #DiBriefs series with Marina Dmitrievna Mogilko, the Silicon Valley Girl. Marina is a Russian YouTuber, entrepreneur, co-founder and CCO of LinguaTrip.

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VIDEO: Jordan Peterson on Business Success

June 5, 2019

We are launching a new video in the series of videos dedicated to business called ‘DiBriefs’. Our lattest video is about Dr. Jordan B Peterson, a world wide famous Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, clinical psychologist, public speaker, and a creator of Self Authoring. Check out the other videos on our Youtube Channel. Do not […]

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Best videos for this Christmas from the tech companies

December 21, 2018

Google’s Home Alone Again Benedict Cumberbatch faking excitment on awful Christmas gifts (The Hook) Share the post “Best videos for this Christmas from the tech companies” FacebookLinkedIn

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How do marketing, yoga, spiritual, blockchain or business gurus make money online?

August 19, 2018

  Have you ever wondered  how an internet expert makes any money with his videos and free lessons? If yes, keep reading. Chances are, you’ve probably watched some of these video pitches. Well, it’s not actually that mysterious. Essentially, they all have an ‘Action call”, they want to you to do something. For example, one […]

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Consultant: Effective communication implies strategic thinking not just good content competences

July 27, 2018

  I was recently asked what’s the difference between marketing and communication and initially I found it quite difficult to answer because the question did not make sense to me. If we confuse the word communication with public relations (PR), then yes, we can define each one concepts. But certainly marketing and communication are intrinsic, […]

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360 Technology. We believe this technology is still underused and might support some interesting new business venture

July 24, 2018

360 videos have so far been almost prohibitive for small businesses. Like many other things in the field of ITC, prices have fallen cause by the effect of economy of scale and therefore, on the hight tech camera market have appeared some affordable solutions. But what are the possible business applications that will convince people […]

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Vlogging for business. Is this an effective activity?… try to avoid professional jargon. As it was the case then, it is still annoying today

July 17, 2018

There was a time when companies use to produce the classic presentation films and the main strengths of these video productions were the attention grabbing, brand communication and credibility. They worked for a while but people changed, behaviours changed. Still, we can observe the same appeal for films and video content. There are other benefits, […]

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Video marketing or business vlogging services. How come?

July 14, 2018

A standard video vlogging project begins, like any other marketing project, from some pertinent questions. Although it is an outsourced online marketing service, it has to be based on real and factual information. If this foundation is not solid, the entire campaign is rubbish. This is the stage of the project’s analysis. What kind of […]

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