Digital Business Models, 6 recommendations to scale-up digital business

Nextcontinent released a study about disruption of the business models, in the digital age. For the first time, this study brings face to face 16 large European corporations (among them: Volkswagen-Audi, Mediamarkt, Deutsche Bank, EDF, Sanoma, Chiesi,…), and 20 students from several major European schools : what will be the business and the company of the future, when societies and economy is transformed by digitalization?

The students are unanimous to describe the company of their dreams: “The ultimate company is an organization that efficiently balances result-driven practices with the well-being of impacted individuals and stakeholders. This balance serves to nurture and promote an innovative environment which fosters creativity and agility, with the long-term mission of tackling the global sustainability challenges of our environment and society”

The large European corporates, on their side, are now fully aware of the digital disruption at work. They drive all kinds of business, management and technological innovations. However, it is not that easy to find the winning martingale when you are an organization established for a long time, with your culture, process and hierarchy…. Not that simple to be the ultimate company for the younger generations!

Nexcontinent suggests 6 recommendations to scale-up digital business and enter the age of the data driven company:

  • Design smart strategies, excluding only technology-driven strategies
  • Turn brands into experiences, by providing high-quality and seamless experiences to customers, rather than being ‘product push’ on the market
  • Be part of flourishing innovative ecosystems, and capture their value as platforms
  • Go agile at scale, and radically transform operational corporate models
  • Engage massively people in the shift, unlock management, free collective intelligence and unleash organizations
  • Get ready for the competition in the data driven economy