EZRA is a revolutionary way to diagnose cancer in early stages

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  • May 25, 2019
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Romanian serial entrepreneur, Emi Gal, has developed a new software for MRI scans in order to diagnose cancer in early stages. Gal has a personal stake in this sector as he is a trustee for a Romanian hospice charity.

The start-up tech company, Ezra, is an easy and least expensive way to diagnose cancer that do not require biopsy.

The company was build to address a great need and as a way to fight cancer and reduce the late stage diagnoses. It is well known in the health care sector that the majority of cancer diagnosis are terminal phases and this limits the treatment opportunities for the patients.

The cost for a full Ezra MRI scan cost around $1950 a fraction of the cost of a traditional scan that can cost up to $10,000, according to techcrunch.com.

According to World Health Organisation “detecting cancer early can effectively reduce the mortality associated with cancer. In resource-poor settings, cancer is often diagnosed at a late-stage of disease resulting in lower survival and potentially greater morbidity and higher costs of treatment. Even in countries with strong health systems and services, many cancer cases are diagnosed at a late-stage. Addressing delays in cancer diagnosis and inaccessible treatment is therefore critical in all settings for cancer control.

Early diagnosis strategies improve cancer outcomes by providing care at the earliest possible stage and are therefore an important public health strategy in all settings. The barriers that delay cancer diagnosis must first be identified and assessed, and these factors may originate from patients to carers to health systems. Effective programmes can then be implemented at various levels that include community engagement to address patient behaviour, improving diagnostic and referral capacity and ensuring access to timely, high-quality treatment.”