Finnish IoT company Uros’ sales soar 171% last year according to a company report


Finnish IoT company Uros’ sales soar 171% last year 

Finland’s Uros, a little known Internet of Things services company, saw its sales soar 171% to 1.31 billion euros last year and could become Finland’s next tech star after Nokia.
Their value proposition is “A unique ecosystem of IoT and smart connectivity – bringing the benefits of digitalisation to various verticals.” – Uros highlights the fact that despite rapid growth, Uros’ businesses have proved highly profitable. In 2018, Uros made a profit of 120 million euros ($134 million), up 845% from a year before.

Founded in 2011 UROS has remained steadfast and focused on its vision of true global connectivity. With their strong know-how and unparalleled expertise they have never wavered from this original vision. Today UROS leads the way as a global innovator in turnkey IoT solutions and eSIM technology driven by a focus on quality. Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, UROS has been recognized as the country’s fastest growing company.  

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