Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters. 2.6 mln additional votes to Hillary Clinton

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  • July 18, 2019
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Following the US Senate hearings over big tech silencing the conservative voices and the limitation of freedom of speech, we are sharing the latest transcripts with Dr. Epstein, a liberal scientist, expert in the technology algorithms and search bias.

The Minute:

‘You’re not a republican, and nor are you a conservative, is that accurate?

‘That would be in understatement!’ 4.13 – 9.27

and indeed you’re the former editor in chief of psychology today? ‘Correct.’ so you’re a respected academic? 9.27 – 18.21

You testify before this committee that google’s manipulation of votes gave it at least 2.6 (two points six million) additional votes to Hillary Clinton in the years 2016 (twenty sixteen’s) 23.7 – 30.07

Is that correct? ‘That’s correct, and ‘I want to make try to understand you personally supported and vote for Hillary Clinton’ ‘I was a very strong public supporter of Hillary Clinton’ 35.91 – 41.29

‘so you’re not just dismayed that people voted for but you’re testimony is that google is through bias and search for results manipulate rating voters in a way they’re not aware of?’ 51.92 – 56.05

‘on a massive scale and what i’m saying is that i believe in democracy i believe in the free and fair elections more than i have any kind of alegience 56.05 – 65.82 to a candidate or a party’ 65.82 – 68.51

‘and looking forward if i understood stood your testimony correctly 68.51 – 73.05

he said in subsequent elections google and facebook and twitter and big text manipulation could manipulate as many as fifteen million votes in a subsequent election?’ 73.05 – 82.43

‘in 2020 (two thousand and twenty) if all these companies are supporting the same, and there 15 ml. (fifteen million) votes on the line that can be shifted without people’s knowledge and without leaving a paper trail for authorities too. ‘ 87.12 – 97.25

[COUGH] ‘not now you describe the goal vote reminder, during you said it wasn’t a public service announcement but rather manipulation, can you explain how, and i’m not sure everyone followed the details of that?’ 97.25 – 108.88

‘well, sure if on election day in 2016 (twenty sixteen), if Mark Zuckerberg for example had chosen to send out a go vote reminder, say just to democrats, and no one would have now and if you had in this, that would have given that day an additional at least for 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) votes to democrats and we know this without doubt because of facebook own published data 127.64 – 137.99

because they didn’t experiment, that they can tell anyone about during the 2010 (two thousand ten) election they published in 2012 (two thousand and twelve) we had sixty million facebook users involved. They sent out a goal vote reminder and they got something like 360,000 (three hundred and sixty thousand) more people to get off their sofas and go vote who otherwise would 149.65 – 158.57

of stayed home. The point is I don’t think that Mr Zuckerberg sent out that reminder in 2016 158.57 – 164.94

I think he was overconfident, I think google’s over confident, they all these companies were 164.94 – 170.8

I don’t think he sent that out, without monitoring systems in place will never know what these companies are doing but the point is in 2018, I’m sure they were more aggressive, we have lots of data to support that.

And 2020? you can bet that all of these companies are going to go all out and the methods that they’re using our invisible, they’re subliminal they are more powerful than almost any effects I’ve ever seen in the behavioral science is and I’ve been in the behavioral science for almost 40 years. 201.68 – 206.61

‘You know, our democratic colleagues, in this committee, often talk about what they do is the pernicious effect of big money and big corporate dollars 206.61 – 217.21

what you were testifying to is that a handful of silicon valley billionaires and giant corporations 221.05 – 223.58

are able to spend millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars collectively, massively influencing the result of elections and there’s no accountability. You said we don’t know, we have no way of knowing if google, facebook or twitter sends it, sends it’s to democrats, republicans or how they bias it because it’s a black box with no transparency accountability whatsoever. 245.26 – 249.76

Am I emanating correctly? ‘senator, with most respect, I must correct you please. If Mark Zuckerberg chooses to send out of go vote reminder just to democrats an election day, that doesn’t costs him a dime.’ 254.61 – 261.17

‘Fair enough. Do you happen to know who’s the Hillary Clinton campaign’s number one financial supporter was in the election 2016? 267.81 – 272.87

‘I think i do, but please remind me.’

‘The number one financial supporters of the Hillary Clinton campaign in the 2016 election was the parent company of google, Alphabet, who was our first witness. 272.87 – 285.7

They were her number one financial donor and you’re testimony is (that) through their deceptive search methods they moved 2.6 (two point six) million votes in her direction? 289.27 – 295.95