Macron about his startup-friendly policies in the advent of new EU fiscal policies


Macron defends his startup-friendly policies 

For the third year as president, France’s president Emmanuel Macron talked to the French tech ecosystem at VivaTech in Paris. 
His tax on tech giant is 3% of any French revenues while the tech start-ups are going to receive friendlier tax policies.
These moves might come because of the latest yellow vests protests across the country.  This is the way he intends to make peace and still make the budget.
European Union adopted a tight control over the big tech companies ever since GDPR, the e-privacy policies and now it appears it will introduce a common fiscal policy against them. 
EU does not have a common fiscal union but it has been a long lasting discussion. “Fiscal union is the integration of the fiscal policy of nations or states. Under fiscal union decisions about the collection and expenditure of taxes are taken by common institutions, shared by the participating governments. “
This could be one thing the EU might agree upon and a step towards the fiscal union he yearns for. 

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