Preparations for EU elections under way in UK. Meanwhile tech co. are packing


Preparations for European elections under way

The UK government has approved preparations for European elections in May as a “contingency” measure. David Lidington, the cabinet office minister and de facto deputy prime minister, confirmed this in the news.
If Brexit is delayed beyond next Friday the EU has said that the UK would have to take part in the elections and reimburse the back the money.
Sure hope they do have a contingency plan for a no brexit deal as 39 percent of companies working in information and communications said they had already set up operations elsewhere, were planning to do so, or were actively considering such a move, according to a survey by the Institute of Directors.
Companies working in the ICT sector were the most keen to say they were considering a Brexit-related move, ahead of other industries, such as finance or manufacturing, as they are easier to shift.

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