Eastern Europe: SME platform rebuild after recent hack

This is the second time the Romanian government launched the SME registering platform after a recent cyberattack when ‘over 200 applicants registered per second’ and burn the platform entirely. It was since determined to be a sophisticated cyber attack by the national security agency (SRI). Some even mentioned Russia.

The SME INVEST ROMANIA program allows SMEs significantly affected by the COVID-19 crisis to ensure their liquidity for the current activity or for investments, by accessing one or more loans for investments and / or one or more loans / lines of investment. working capital loan, guaranteed by FNGCIMM in the name and account of the Romanian state, through the Ministry of Public Finance.

According to the platform, the maximum guaranteed ceiling allocated is 15 billion lei.


The state can guarantee up to 90% of the value of the loans you access to one of the partner banks!
An the SMEs do not pay interest, guarantee fee or other granting costs! The financing costs are 100% subsidized from the state budget, until 31.12.2020, with the possibility of extension.
Also they do not pay early repayment commission!
The maximum value of loans can be up to 10,000,000 lei for investments and up to 5,000,000 lei for working capital!

Companies can apply for Working capital loans or Investment loans. More information on www.imminvest.ro