Video marketing or business vlogging services. How come?

A standard video vlogging project begins, like any other marketing project, from some pertinent questions. Although it is an outsourced online marketing service, it has to be based on real and factual information. If this foundation is not solid, the entire campaign is rubbish. This is the stage of the project’s analysis.

What kind of information is needed?

They are the same information that any marketing communication specialist in b2b needs: customer profile, customer analytics data, database quality, marketing objectives, and company value proposition.

After all this information is analyzed, it is possible to create the vlog concept, ie the actual creation part. It will determine the objectives and performance indicators and then the implementation and reporting processes.

Options for Deployment

The actual implementation can be done with the existing resources in the company (in-house) or through an external supplier. Part of implementation also means video graphics, channel webpage, pilot episode, and social networking.

The price of such a project varies depending on the workload and supplier chosen for implementation but you will probably pay at least 500 EUR per episode if chosen the second.

When deciding over this you might take in consideration that there is a cost of opportunity and a time to market. We are past the times when we were doing corporate presentations. The quality is less important than the content and the time to market way more important than the editorial planing.