So what if Google records what you talk around your computer?


Important privacy news that has been picked up by large publications such as reveals that the US giant Google not only records your Internet search activity but also talks to your computer with others as you search. ‘Spying’ actually have an explanation, they want to offer you better voice search services, but this without explaining when they asked you for the record and not necessarily make sure that these records do not get into a database NSA to protect national security and on behalf of world peace.

You want to find out if your voice has been recorded by google and you remember what you did 2 months ago. I was fascinated to see the history of my online activities so well documented. For the curious among you, the link can remind you a few things.

” I do not mind the fact that the Americans know what I’m doing, ” you can say quietly. But let’s think a little in perspective. What you are doing online now can be a very effective control tool in the hands of an unscrupulous politician with a god complex. Not only can he control you, but he can very easily intimidate and silence as you become a direct threat to him.

But more than that is a very efficient control of the masses with one click. Millions of people can be manipulated to stay quiet, and choose to maintain family peace or intact reputation rather than protest in a market against the government, for example.

And yes, Americans and local national secret services do collaborate and splash out of the ‘fruit of your knowledge’.