Macron introduced the long time announced tech tax

October 12, 2019

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, introduced the long time announced tech tax. Third-party sellers on the Amazon platform in France received a surprising message from the US giant, namely the increase of commissions charged by 3% – representing the costs of the digital tax imposed by the French government, according to CNBC. His tax on tech […]

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Big Tech are actively limiting free speech and Congress is now reconsidering past regulation

July 13, 2019

Senator Ted Cruz (R) from Texas US: “Big tech companies … are actively silencing the conservatives. They are letting their hard left Silicon Valley politics influence what is said.” In the past, Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.) chose to position and see themselves as media platforms not media channels and because of that US […]

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The Aftermath of GDPR. Brave sues Google and New York Times stops programmatic ads

October 6, 2018

Breaking news today, privacy-focused browser Brave (Mozilla owned) sues Google claiming breach of article 51 of general data protection regulation in EU Brave filed a GDPR complaint on Wednesday against Google for violating privacy protection in the EU. Brave alleges that GDPR prohibits Google from sharing browsing data about its users with its advertisers. It […]

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So what if Google records what you talk to next to your computer? I have nothing to hide

So what if Google records what you talk around your computer?

August 23, 2018

  Important privacy news that has been picked up by large publications such as reveals that the US giant Google not only records your Internet search activity but also talks to your computer with others as you search. ‘Spying’ actually have an explanation, they want to offer you better voice search services, but this […]

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Search Engine: We reserve the right to create derivative products with your ideas

July 7, 2018

Almost 4 billion searches are made daily on the most popular search engine, and people of all nations and social classes use it for information, entertainment, comparison, documenting, shopping and validation. I am one of those who buys hundreds of thousands of people as a digital marketing consultant and uses the advertising service. It’s brilliant […]

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