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The AI tyranny is not artificial but human. China like credit score system in Europe

May 5, 2020

China’s social credit system, which rates its 1.4 billion citizens based on their daily behaviour, it is supposed to help the country restore morality and match people with the state. A system that will assess individuals, enterprises and government agencies on credit in four areas – administrative affairs, commercial activities, social behaviour, and the judicial […]

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Why big influencers lose to micro-influencers? Is it marketing worthy?

November 1, 2019

Influencer marketing is not news anymore for most marketeers. According to a recent study comprised of marketers from a variety of industries, 94% of the marketing specialists interviewed said influencer marketing was an effective campaign strategy and a lot of them already had successful influencer marketing campaigns to prove their point. The problem with influencer […]

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Do social media influencers promote objectification or just cater the demand? Should we allow a ‘power group’ to decide what is empowering and what is not?

June 1, 2019

Social media influencers are ‘framing objectification as empowerment’, and because of the “social media influencers” that self-objectify for profit, women are hurt, feminists say.   Is Instagram actually an empowerment platform and does this argument stands? and Who says what is to be considered empowerment and what is not?   If women want to be […]

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Consultant: Due to lack of competences, limited number of companies use Digital Marketing

February 16, 2018

Business Development through Digital Marketing is not news for most of the companies. So why so many companies find it hard to adopt the digital technologies? Either project-based or remote collaborations with affiliates, there are companies that are offering a wide range of Digital Marketing Services designed to address the business needs of a modern & […]

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Sute de mii de persoane l-au urmărit online pe primul român care a traversat Canalul Mânecii

April 7, 2016

După 140 de km de alergare din Londra până în Dover și alte 20 de ore de înot, Andrei Roșu întră în istorie și devine primul român și a 22-a persoană din lume care traversează înot Canalul Mânecii. Parcursul lui a fost urmărit de mii de persoane pe internet prin paginile de twitter a fundației […]

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