Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Let’s discuss some of the trends in digital marketing sector for 2020:

  • On demand Streeming tv is the new king. Companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and others are investing  massively in content production and content diversification. Ads spent is increasing exponential in this sector.
  • 5G will influence the new content and media platforms
  • Digital advertising market in Germany continues to grow Advertisers in Germany are predicted to spend $21.13 billion on adverts with 31.9% going to digital channels, according to a new forecast from eMarketer. As a representative market for EU, this could be extrapolated to Europe.
  • Mobile Advertising is growing steady – Mobile advertising now makes up 92% of Facebook’s ad revenue With the rise of Amazon and the success of Google Shopping Ads, eCommerce has quickly emerged as a third pillar of digital advertising.
  • Although some studies say that TV is still relevant for b2c as it is drives purchase, digital ad is still rising, audio is constant & e-commerce ads are rising. We do believe that e-comm is going up and will eat some of the budgets. Also, digital video, not TV, will represent 20 percent of global video ad spend in 2023, despite being the fastest growing digital advertising category (+10.8 percent CAGR over 2018-2023), reaching nearly $51 billion in 2023.
  • As forecasted in beginning of 2019, Giant tech companies will have a tough time in EU. The new tech tax is the latest example. Europe’s view of America’s technology hegemony has darkened in recent years. EU will try to do whatever in order to stop the American tech giants monopoly in Europe and this might mean tougher legislation, consequently might mean higher cost on ppc ads. Reports say that Programmatic advertising is growing rapidly and will continue to grow during the forecast period.